Jack's Ride

Jack's Ride

和杰克一起在这款 3 转轴 27 赔付线老虎机中一路狂飙。他是在寻找女孩下手!!

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Game Info

Game Title:

Jack's Ride


Game type:


Reels / Lines:

5 / 27



Max win:

81x bet

Game features:

Nudge Feature

Unique Wazdan Features:

bigScreenMode ultraFastMode ultraLiteMode volatilityLevels


Custom (Low, Standard, High)

Supported Platform:

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Jack's Ride

Game Description

和杰克一起在这款 3 转轴 27 赔付线老虎机中一路狂飙。他是在寻找女孩下手!!沿途收集符号即可赢取奖金,而只要杰克前进和倒车,您还有机会赢得更大的奖励,虽然并非每次都有机会!您可以利用赌博功能来选择要振救的女孩 - 要么抱得美人归还能让奖金翻倍,要么人财两空!出发吧。

Game features

5 Reels, 27 Paylines

The famous Route 66 invites the player for the craziest ride with Jack. Classic cars, blazing sun and hot girls – this slot knows how to entertain!

Nudge Feature

Those players who may need a little bit more luck in their play will enjoy taking advantage of the online slot’s Nudge Feature! Thanks to this innovative special feature that activates at random, reels may reverse to create the best possible winning combination available!

Volatility Levels™

Thanks to our Volatility Levels™ feature players can modify how they play the game – they can enjoy more frequent but smaller wins, opt-in for a standard experience or try their luck with a High volatility, where wins are bigger but more scarce.

Unique Gamble Feature

One of the girls will gladly join Jack in his car. Players who are able to help him pick the right companion will be generously awarded – their wins will get doubled!

Big Win

Get ready for a really fast drive in Jack’s Ride along the legendary Route 66! With Jack’s help you can win up to x81 stake!

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