Extra Bingo

Extra Bingo

喜欢宾果游戏?那么您一定会爱上这个非常棒的视频版本!玩法简单乐趣无限,您只用随机选择 10 个数字,或者挑选自己的幸运数字。

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Game Title:

Extra Bingo


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Reels / Lines:

- / -



Max win:

2000x bet

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Extra Bingo

Game Description

喜欢宾果游戏?那么您一定会爱上这个非常棒的视频版本!玩法简单乐趣无限,您只用随机选择 10 个数字,或者挑选自己的幸运数字。然后让转盘开始旋转,抽出 20 个数字小球,它们将从屏幕顶部落下,因此您马上就能看到自己是否猜中!猜中 4 个以上的小球就能赢得奖金,您还能用赌博功能再博一把 - 要么让奖金翻倍,要么全部输光光!一切都由您选择!

Game features

Extra Bingo

The classic bingo is well-known and well-liked throughout the world – no wonder! Extra Bingo provides the player with simple and great fun.

Extra Balls

What’s so extra about our version of bingo? The extra balls drawing of course! Lucky players might get a chance to draw two additional balls that will help them reach these big juicy wins.


Players that feel like it's their lucky day should use that opportunity to easily increase their winnings by using the rewarding gamble feature. Their wins might double in an instant!

Mega Win

With Extra Bingo you can win up to x2000 stake – this game is both simple and exciting! Try to collect 10 balls to win big!

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