Fenix Play Deluxe

Fenix Play Deluxe

在这款 3 转轴 5 赔付线老虎机中再次帮助神鸟凤凰从灰烬中重生。

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Game Info

Game Title:

Fenix Play Deluxe


Game type:


Reels / Lines:

3 / 5



Max win:

75x bet

Game features:


Unique Wazdan Features:

bigScreenMode ultraFastMode ultraLiteMode volatilityLevels


Custom (Low, Standard, High)

Supported Platform:

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Fenix Play Deluxe

Game Description

在这款 3 转轴 5 赔付线老虎机中再次帮助神鸟凤凰从灰烬中重生。集齐符号即可赢取现金,用相同的符号填满屏幕就能赢得大奖。利用赌博功能,您还能点击一下就让奖金翻倍。直接选择您认为凤凰会从中重生的一堆灰烬,一定要小心,因为您要么让奖金翻倍,要么变得一无所有!除此之外,波动水平开关还会带来额外的惊喜,让您能够选择经常中小奖或者偶尔中大奖。

Game features

3 Reels, 5 Paylines

The legendary phoenix is guarding the juicy reels of Fenix Play Deluxe and can award the lucky players with flaming hot prizes.

Volatility Levels™

Thanks to our Volatility Levels™ feature players can modify how they play the game – they can enjoy more frequent but smaller win, opt-in for a standard experience or try their luck with a High volatility, where wins are bigger but more scarce.

Unique Gamble Feature

The majestic fiery bird is waiting to be reborn – players who can help him rise from the ashes will get their wins doubled!

Big Win

The mythical phoenix rises from to ashes to grant you hot wins! With Fenix Play Deluxe you can get up to x75 stake!

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