Magic Stars 9

Magic Stars 9

A highly engaging addition to the popular series with prizes up to 10500x bet!

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Game Info

Game Title:

Magic Stars 9


Game type:

Slot Games

Reels / Lines:

9 / -



Max win:

10500x bet

Game features:

Stars Spins, Free Spins with the Infinite Multiplier, Block Symbols Mode

Unique Wazdan Features:

bigScreenMode ultraFastMode ultraLiteMode volatilityLevels


Custom (Low, Standard, High)

Supported Platform:

Supported OS:


Magic Stars 9

Game Description

You simply cannot resist our Magic Stars series so Magic Stars 9 has quickly gained popularity among both casino operators and devoted players. Discover what it has to offer and join the fanbase – an endless adventure awaits!

Magic Stars 9 features a 3x3 grid with 9 separate reels. There are no paylines – to form a winning combination, you need to draw a minimum of 4 of the same symbols. The ambient tune and slightly animated background filled with beautiful shining stars contribute to a relaxing feel of this slot.

The game’s symbols consist of a selection of colourful star-shaped crystals. There are two multi-coloured crystals and they both act as Bonus Symbols. The first one can trigger the Stars Spins Bonus that awards 9 Free Spins during which your goal is to collect as many Stars Spins Bonus Symbols as possible. The second multi-coloured crystal gives you the chance to activate 9 Free Spins with the Infinite Multiplier. Thanks to the 3FS Star Symbol, you can increase the number of the awarded Free Spins so the value of the win multiplier can be really huge!

Magic Stars 9 is also equipped with a full set of Unique Wazdan Features that enable you to personalize your gameplay. Take advantage of its Volatility Levels™, Ultra Lite Mode, Ultra Fast Mode and Big Screen Mode to benefit from the most comfortable, user-friendly experience!

Game features

9 Reels

A new take on a classic series offers improved yet well-known experience to faithful fans. The reels are overflowing with shining stars that bring big wins!

Block Symbols Mode

With this feature, after each spin the best combination of symbols is automatically blocked to increase the chances of drawing a winning combination in the following rounds. These are not set in stone though and players can freely change which symbols should be blocked or not.

Free Spins with the Infinite Multiplier

Once 3 Free Spins symbols are drawn on the 3 middle horizontal reels, 9 Free Spins with the Infinite Multiplier gets triggered. Initially, the value of Multiplier is x1 and with every win it increases by 1. During the bonus, 3 additional Free Spins may be added at a time.

Stars Spins

The Stars Spins bonus is activated when 3 Star Spins symbols are drawn on the 2 middle horizontal reels. The player is awarded 9 Free Spins. To increase the chances of landing a winning combination, Stars Spins symbols get automatically blocked after appearing on the reels.

Volatility Levels™

Thanks to our Volatility Levels™ feature players can modify how they play the game – they can enjoy more frequent but smaller wins, opt-in for a standard experience or try their luck with a High volatility, where wins are bigger but more scarce.

Unique Gamble Feature

One of the shining stars grants players big wins – those who pick the correct symbol will get their wins doubled thanks to the Unique Gamble Feature.

Mega Win

The reels of Magic Stars 9 are overflowing with shiny symbols, bonuses and multipliers that offer a chance of winning up to x10500 stake!

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