Larry the Leprechaun

Larry the Leprechaun

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Game Info

Game Title:

Larry the Leprechaun


Game type:

Juegos tragamonedas

Reels / Lines:

16 / -



Max win:

350x bet

Game features:

Wild, Magic Sack Bonus, Leprechaun’s Spins Bonus, Free Spins Bonus, Block Symbols Mode

Unique Wazdan Features:

bigScreenMode ultraFastMode ultraLiteMode volatilityLevels


Custom (Low, Standard, High)

Supported Platform:

Supported OS:


Larry the Leprechaun

Game Description

Leprechauns can be real pranksters, but what they’re known for even more are their hidden pots of gold! Larry the Leprechaun is one such creature, whose antics will definitely keep players occupied while spinning the reels of this game.

Award-winning slot Larry the Leprechaun was created to offer a unique gameplay experience – instead of paylines, all 16 reel fields are separate and wins are awarded for getting at least 8 identical symbols. Players can also block the position of symbols for the next spin in order to create the most favourable combinations.

But what about the famous leprechaun treasure? Well, Larry has come up with a number of trials and obstacles that need to be completed in order to activate one of the special features and win its prize. Other than a Wild symbol, there are two coin symbols – silver and gold – and both of them are used to activate Free Spins Bonus and Leprechaun’s Bonus Spins respectively, each with their own set of rules. There’s also the Magic Sack Bonus which is activated with the Sack symbol and provides special spins with additional Wild symbols.

We have presented the entirety of the game’s functionality using high quality graphics and great animations so spending time with Larry is a real pleasure for fans with more sophisticated tastes. On top of that, we have created an enthralling soundtrack, which creates a truly captivating atmosphere. More and more could be said about our small green friend, but instead of wasting words let us invite you to launch Larry the Leprechaun to see for yourself!

Game features

16 Reels

The mischievous leprechaun comes straight from the Irish legends and is ready to offer the players some of his gold. The real treasure is hidden in the enchanted forest!

Leprechaun’s Spins Bonus

Landing a Gold Coin symbol activates a field in the Leprechaun’s Bonus Spins Matrix Table. Collecting all 16 tokens and drawing 5 Gold Coins in a single spin triggers 16 Leprechaun’s Spins during which all Wilds remain locked. The win is paid according to the paytable for the collected Wilds.

Magic Sack Bonus

Drawing a sack adds a token in the Magic Sack Bonus Matrix Table. Once all 8 tokens are collected, the next draw of a sack symbol awards the Magic Sack Bonus. A player receives 8 Magic Sack Bonus Spins during which a randomly chosen ‘Sack Symbol’ and 5 other random symbols turn into Wilds.

Free Spins Bonus

Silver Coin symbols may switch on a corresponding field in the Free Spins Bonus Matrix table. Once the table is full, the next draw of at least 5 Silver Coins icons awards 16 Free Spins during which the sack symbol as well as Silver and Gold Coins do not occur.

Block Symbols

Players can utilize their playing strategy by locking a set of symbols for a single spin. The game automatically locks the best potential symbol configuration, however, players can choose any other combination to remain on the reels or they can choose to draw a completely new set of symbols.

Volatility Levels™

Thanks to our Volatility Levels™ feature players can modify how they play the game – they can enjoy more frequent but smaller wins, opt-in for a standard experience or try their luck with a High volatility, where wins are bigger but more scarce.

Unique Gamble Feature

Larry the Leprechaun is willing to share his gold with the lucky players – those who choose the correct plant may get their wins doubled!

Mega Win

The playful leprechaun is ready to share his treasures with you – win up to x350 stake and let Larry shower you with golden coins!

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