Dino Reels 81

Dino Reels 81

Explore the world of dinosaurs with Dino Reels 81

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Game Info

Game Title:

Dino Reels 81


Game type:

Slot Games

Reels / Lines:

4 / 7[81]



Max win:

691x bet

Game features:

Wild with 81 paylines

Unique Wazdan Features:

bigScreenMode ultraFastMode ultraLiteMode volatilityLevels


Volatility Levels™ (Low, Standard, High)

Supported Platform:

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Dino Reels 81

Game Description

Unravel the world of prehistory and go back to the times when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! Hear the T-Rex’s mighty roar but don’t tremble in fear – big wins are waiting!

Dino Reels 81 is equipped with 4 reels and 7 bet lines. The action of this online slot takes place somewhere in a wild jungle where ferocious prehistoric animals have only one rule – eat or be eaten. The game’s graphics are made in a cartoon-like style and all the symbols included in Dino Reels 81 refer to its theme, so you won’t find any classic card or fruit signs which usually are featured in online slots. Instead, you may expect to land such icons as male and female adventurers, sabre-toothed cat, mammoth, stegosaurus, triceratops, pterodactyl, apatosaurus and the king of dinosaurs – T-Rex. The game offers a Wild Symbol that substitutes for all other symbols and each time it’s drawn, it changes the number of active paylines from 7 to 81 to increase your chances of winning!

Feel the thrill and excitement delivered through the reels of this action-packed online slot and benefit from a variety of Unique Wazdan Features included in the game. Take advantage of its Volatility Levels™ which affect the game’s payouts and choose whether you want higher or more frequent wins; shorten the slot’s loading time with Ultra Lite Mode; speed up the pace and win faster using Ultra Fast Mode and zoom in the action with Big Screen Mode.

4 Reels, 7[81] Paylines
4 Reels, 7[81] Paylines

Step inside the wilderness and you may meet creatures you never thought you’d see with your own eyes. The land of prehistoric dinosaurs guarantees great fun!

Wild Symbol with 81 paylines
Wild Symbol with 81 paylines

It’s said that the T-Rex was the most powerful and fearsome carnivore the world had ever seen. In Dino Reels 81, this dinosaur can help players score big as it substitutes for all other symbols included in this online slot. It also increases the number of winning paylines from 7 to 81!

Volatility Levels™
Volatility Levels™

Thanks to our Volatility Levels™ feature players can modify how they play the game – they can enjoy more frequent but smaller wins, opt-in for a standard experience or try their luck with a High volatility, where wins are bigger but more scarce.

Unique Gamble Feature
Unique Gamble Feature

One door leads to a delicious meal and behind the other, a hunter is hiding – those players who choose the correct door can easily double their wins!

Mega Win
Mega Win

Dinosaurs are not as dangerous as they seem! In Dino Reels 81, they may actually be quite helpful as they help you get wins up to x691 stake.

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