Casino Roulette

Casino Roulette

A lavish experience awaits at the table of our Casino Roulette game!

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Casino Roulette


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Casino Games

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- / -



Max win:

36x bet

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Casino Roulette

Game Description

Red or black, even or odd? Choose your bets and spin the wheel – wait until the ball lands and collect the prize!

Surely you’ve heard about this classic casino game many times. If – by any chance – you haven’t played it yet, don’t wait any longer and try your luck in Casino Roulette. Many players around the world adore roulette and rightfully so! The rules are simple and clear so even if you’re new to this, playing is easy. The simplicity of rules doesn’t change the fact that the game is very exciting as you rely purely on your luck. And now with Casino Roulette you can play the roulette from the comfort of your own home and still feel the atmosphere of a real land-based casino. This feeling is enhanced by the traditional look of the table and spinning wheel. And to make your experience even more enjoyable, Casino Roulette features attractive graphics with vivid colours and swift animation.

Place your bets carefully and spin the wheel. You may choose to bet on black/red, lower/higher or even/odd that pay 2:1 and provide you with easier wins. If you want your prizes to be bigger, pick dozens that pay 3:1. You may also bet on 6, 4, 3 or 2 numbers that pay respectively 6:1, 9:1, 12:1 and 18:1. If you know it’s your lucky day, you can bet on a single number and collect the highest win! What’s more, you can increase your prizes with the gamble function that enables you to risk your win for a chance to double it.

Casino Roulette
Casino Roulette

Red or black? Even or odd? There are many possibilities of placing bets in Casino Roulette – but the enjoyment is guaranteed no matter what!

Mega Win
Mega Win

Sit comfortably and place you bets in Casino Roulette. If you’re lucky and choose a single winning number, high wins up to x36 stake await!


Players that feel like it's their lucky day should use that opportunity to easily increase their winnings by using the rewarding gamble feature. Their wins might double in an instant!

Roulette View
Roulette View

A part of the appeal of roulette is the spinning wheel. Watching the ball spin while waiting for the result is really exciting and Casino Roulette gives the players the opportunity to experience this feeling.

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